Friday, November 13, 2009

Sharron Angle: The only conservative choice for beating Harry Reid

"One conversation with Angle, the four-term state assemblywoman who has served on education, election, ethics, health and judiciary committees, is enough to convince you she's the real deal and isn't just parroting the latest from the right- wing radio dial. After listening to her discuss her conservative ideals, I was tempted to ask her whether her maiden name was Goldwater or Reagan…There's a way Republicans can prove they really want a conservative revolution. They can support U.S. Senate candidate and certified conservative true-believer Sharron Angle." - John L. Smith, Las Vegas Review Journal, 11/10/09

Some of you have asked me in recent days how Sharron compares with the other candidates running in the Nevada Republican Primary (which occurs in June 2010 in Nevada). She is the ONLY conservative candidate who has legislative experience (she is a four-time Assemblywoman, that is, she served in the House of Representatives on the State level). Let’s take a look at the other candidates:

-Sue Lowden: A Former Miss America contestant, reporter and one-term Nevada State Senator who was the State GOP chair who lost the majority in the state senate, she also lost the votes in the Assembly to defeat a tax, left the party in debt, and was reprimanded for an illegal convention election by the RNC. She donated money to Harry Reid and campaigned for tax hiker Bill Raggio during his senate re-election primary.

-Danny Tarkanian: He is the lawyer son of a well-known former basketball coach. He lost two previous elections and donated money to Nevada Democrat Shelley Berkley’s Congress campaign. He has no legislative experience.

-Mark Amodei: He is a lawyer and term-limited State Senator who voted in 2003 for the largest tax increase in Nevada history.

-John Chachas: He is a Wall Street banker who gave $2300 to Obama. He has no legislative experience.

-Bill Parsons: He served in the military and has no legislative or elected office experience.

-Terry Suonimen: He is a store manager with no legislative or elected office experience.

-Robin Titus : She is a Physician with no legislative or elected office experience.

-Mike Wiley: He is a former Democrat who moved to Las Vegas from Florida and has no legislative experience.

There are also a few others who have not filed with the Federal Election Commission.

It’s one thing to support an unknown candidate who talks the conservative talk but is untested when there are no other alternatives, as was the case with Doug Hoffman in New York’s 23rd district. It is quite another when there IS an excellent candidate available who has proven herself as a liberty-loving, tax-loathing statesman - not a politically expedient politician - in the fires of legislative combat. As Sharron likes to say, “Don’t read my lips; read my record.”

For those of you in Illinois, I will host a Chicago area meet-and-greet fundraiser for Sharron on Monday, November 30, at 7 PM - location to be determined. Stay tuned. In the meantime, go to to learn more about Sharron and/or to make a donation.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama to attend Vegas fundraiser for Reid: Let’s Donate Instead to Reid’s Arch Rival

President Obama is planning to make a fundraising trip to Las Vegas, NV on May 26 for Harry Reid. As president, Obama has helped raise money for Democratic candidates by attending two DNC-sponsored fundraisers in Washington. This is his first appearance at an event for an individual candidate. (See:  

Not fair, you say? Unethical? 

Then send a message to Harry Reid and make an investment in liberty by investing in Sharron Angle’s campaign. Can you imagine the look on his face when he wakes up on May 27th and discovers Sharron Angle, his arch rival, has received more donations then he did on the 26th without the help of the President?

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Go to Sharron Angle's website ( and donate a minimum of $35.00 (more is always appreciated), or go to

2. Send this to everyone on your email list. (Especially if your friends are out of state)  

3. Ask your friends to send this email to everyone on their email list.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Harry Reid Could Get a Free Ride? I Don't Think So...

The Politico Boasts that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could “get a free ride” in 2010. (see  


Millions of Americans are asking, “How can we get rid of Harry Reid when he comes up for re-election in 2010?” Only Nevadans can vote to replace Harry Reid… but every freedom-loving American can help by investing in Sharron’s campaign.  Go to and get in the fight. 

I know Sharron personally and she is a true conservative, committed to the Constitution, liberty, limited government - all the ideas the Founding Fathers held dear.  

A former Representative in the Nevada State House of Representatives (Assemblywoman), she has filed with the Federal Election Commission to run against Harry Reid. He had better quake in his boots.

Her amazing campaign ability first came to light after the 2000 census when she was an assemblywoman representing west Reno. Democrats played dirty politics and re-drew the district lines, forcing her to run against the popular incumbent Assemblyman Greg Brower. She personally visited every home in her new district at least three times, and as a result defeated him. 

In 2006 she left the assembly to run for Congress against Secretary of State Dean Heller and first lady Dawn Gibbons, both of whom had statewide name identification. In a race that covered all 17 Nevada counties, Heller edged Angle by less than 1 percent of the votes cast, while Gibbons ran a distant third.

In 2008 she took on incumbent State Sen. Bill Raggio, who had been a Nevada Senator since 1972 and was the most powerful Republican in Nevada. Sharron raised about $50,000 for the race while Raggio raised and spent $513,000.

When the results came in Raggio edged Sharron by a bare 500 votes.

If she can raise enough support, and comes into the race against Reid, she will immediately be a star on the national scene. THAT IS WHERE YOU COME IN! Sharron will report her campaign contributions to the FEC on June 30. It is important that she have a very strong showing - at least $100,000. It will take millions to win this race. PLEASE go to her website ( and make an investment in liberty. 

(Sharron's political history is taken from an April 15 article in the Tahoe Bonanza, written by Jim Clark).


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