Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sharron Angle RE: Scientology

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The liberals at Huffing and Puffington Post are floating this story on Sharron Angle and Scientology (, and implying that Sharron is a Scientologist herself or has some weird connection to it.

 The fact is that Sharron is a Christian, not only which I know from personal experience (and I’ve known her for 15 years), but which was also reported in depth in the following article:

This “controversy” surrounds the Second Chance program, a program for helping incarcerated substance abusers. The facts on it can be found at:
The Second Chance Program was a success in New Mexico in 2007.  "For the first time, we're actually diverting serious substance abusers from jails and prisons into a facility that gives them what they need to turn their lives around," [said] [Joy] Westrum (President of the Second Chance Program). "Since the cost is equal to or less than what the state would spend to house the inmates, everyone wins. With the low recidivism rate, taxpayers don't have to foot the bill for future incarcerations, and the prisoners have been trained and empowered to lead successful and rewarding lives."

Notice that the article mentions now deceased L. Ron Hubbard as follows, “The protocol utilized in the Second Chance Program is based on discoveries by L. Ron Hubbard in the fields of drug and criminal rehabilitation.” Scientology is not part of the program nor is it mentioned, but it is a cutting edge program that works.

It is a fact that Angle did not promote the Second Chance program in 2003 - only the option to explore its potential. The trip she took was a privately funded, and took place on a non-legislative working day. Legislators were invited to come on a voluntary basis, as reported in the Reno Gazette Journal in February 2003.

She did not propose legislation. No, Huffing and Puffington Post, she did not "propose a bill which was defeated". The facts on the supposed legislation are at Click on the link and look at the 2003 legislative session. You will find that there was never a bill requested by Angle for any prison drug rehab program, there was never any appropriation requested by Angle.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if political discourse could be based in reality, truth, policy, and ideas, instead of fabricated allegations?  Wouldn't it be wonderful if liberal journalist at media outlets like "The Huffington Post" checked their facts before they published them?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sharron Angle: Re: Gulf Spill

This article is also posted at my sister blog:

The liberals at the “Washington Post” are already picking on Sharron Angle (

“Dems are gearing up to paint Sharron Angle, the ultra-conservative candidate who's now taking on Harry Reid, as another Rand Paul and possibly even further to his right.

“And here's another data point: Angle said in a recent interview that the Gulf spill was an ‘accident’ and opined that we need to further "deregulate" the oil industry in the wake of the disaster.

“Here's the exchange, from a Nevada Newsmakers interview on May 26th, more than a month into the spill crisis:

“QUESTION: You have been in support of onshore drilling in the United States as well as offshore drilling, are you rethinking that policy with what is going on in Louisiana?

“ANGLE: No. I think that what happened in Louisiana was an accident. They're cleaning it up. We need to go forward and talk about prevention and not about whether we keep it out all together. We know that lot of the problems that have been caused for us with foreign policy and even with our own gas prices here domestically going up is our dependence upon foreign oil.
We have oil reserves and petroleum reserves that we should tap into. And that's a policy that we really need to look at as a nation. How do we deregulate enough to invite our industries to come back into the United States and quit outsourcing their business?”


What about this statement is controversial? What happened in Louisiana WAS an accident. And it was brought about by liberal policies that strangle businesses - like oil companies - and in this specific case prevented them from drilling where it is SAFE to drill. Instead they are forced to drill miles and miles from shore, instead of in our own mainland reserves (e.g. Alaska).

We need to “deregulate Big Oil”? You’re darn right.

Jim DeMint Endorses Sharron Angle

From an e-mail from Senate Conservatives:

“Dear Fellow Conservatives:

Last night, Assemblywoman Sharron Angle (, insertion mine) won another upset victory for conservatives in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Nevada.The battle lines have now been drawn in the most important race in the nation. This November, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid -- the most powerful liberal in Congress - will face Nevada Assemblywoman Sharron Angle -- one of the strongest conservative voices in the country.Harry Reid is a liberal Democrat who has led the effort to pass President Obama's radical agenda and used special backroom deals like the Cornhusker Kickback to buy votes for government takeovers and runaway spending.Sharron Angle is a conservative warrior who has fought endless battles against taxes, spending, and liberals in both parties in the Nevada Assembly.

Sharron Angle is a former teacher, not a career politician. She first made a name for herself by fighting her own party on an attempted $800 million tax hike -- a battle that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. As the proud grandmother of ten, Sharron Angle wants to do everything in her power to ensure America's next generation is not forced to pay the bill for the gross misconduct of today's elected leaders.Nobody thought she could defeat her Washington-backed opponent in the Republican primary but she did because of her uncompromising support for conservative principles.If Sharron Angle defeats Harry Reid in November, it will trigger a political earthquake that will shake Washington to its core. Nothing would do more to stop President Obama and his radical agenda than defeating Harry Reid.But winning this conservative victory will be the most difficult of them all. Harry Reid has a $9 million war chest and will use very penny of it - along with millions from liberal interest groups - to smear Sharron Angle. Make no mistake: Harry Reid will do whatever it takes to hold on to power.Sharron Angle is ready to fight and win. The question is: Are you?

This is a contest between two very different candidates.Harry Reid voted for the Wall Street bailout. Sharron Angle opposed it.

Harry Reid voted for government-run health care. Sharron Angle says no.Harry Reid voted for trillions in deficit spending and supported pork barrel projects like the Bridge to Nowhere.

Sharron Angle supports a balanced budget amendment and will fight to end the earmark favor factory.The choice is clear, but only if we make it clear for every voter in Nevada. And we don't have much time.Harry Reid and his allies will begin attacking Sharron Angle immediately and we must respond or our chance at conservative victory could be lost.

The Senate Conservatives Fund is endorsing Sharron Angle today because she's a true conservative, not a rubber-stamp Republican. As you know, being a Republican is not enough these days. In order to receive the support of the Senate Conservatives Fund, candidates must demonstrate a core commitment to our nation's founding principles and a willingness to stand up to their own party when it's wrong.So far this year, the Senate Conservatives Fund has been on front lines in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Kentucky - successfully helping Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul win their primary elections.

Now we're turning our sights to Nevada. This is the race we've all be waiting for - a chance to send a message loud and clear that Americans have had enough. This race, more than any other, will determine the future of our country.

Sharron Angle's victory in the Republican primary in Nevada has not only given us a chance to send a true warrior for freedom to the Senate, it has given us the opportunity to defeat the most powerful liberal in Congress. Imagine replacing Harry Reid with a no-nonsense, outspoken conservative who will not rest until government is cut back to size and our economy is once again free to grow and prosper.It can be done if we act now.Please make your most generous donation to Sharron Angle's campaign today so we can defeat Harry Reid and make 2010 the year of the Conservative Comeback. Thank you for supporting the principles of freedom that are the backbone of America. Together, we will take back our country.


Jim DeMint

United States SenatorChairman, Senate Conservatives Fund

P.S. The Nevada Senate race is the most important election in the country this year. It's a contest between Harry Reid - the most powerful liberal in Congress - and Sharron Angle - one of the strongest conservative voices in America. Please make a contribution to Sharron Angle's campaign today so we win this race and take back our country.”

Sharron Angle Wins GOP Primary…by 14 POINTS!

Sharron Angle ( won yesterday’s GOP primary in a landslide, with 40% of the vote!

The next competitor, Sue Lowden, won only 26% of the vote; Danny Tarkanian won 23%.

Now, according to Politico, “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is prepared to run a sharply negative campaign if that’s what it takes to win reelection next year, with a top adviser predicting that the Nevada Democrat will ‘vaporize’ his Republican challengers with attack ads.”

As Sharron said, “Harry Reid has zero chance to win this race if he has to talk about the issues or about his radical liberal record. His only chance is to destroy me with negative, dishonest, personal attacks. Reid and the liberal attack machine, aided by their friends in the “main stream media” are going to do everything they can to tear me apart. Make no mistake, they are coming at me with guns blazing. And I’m not talking about a month from now, or a week from now—I’m talking about tomorrow. We know their playbook: they are going to try to tear me down the same way that they did Rand Paul just a few weeks ago.”

Well, I have a message for Harry Reid: That strategy didn’t work so well for Sue Lowden. The people of Nevada are smarter than that.

And we agree with Rand Paul: “[We] have a message from the tea party. A message that is loud and clear and does not mince words. We've come to take our government back.”

Still think she should drop out, Fox and Friends? How do you like her now, Susan B. Anthony list?

Monday, June 7, 2010

No, Tea Party Nation, Danny Tarkanian is NOT Conservative

In an article in The Atlantic, The Tea Party Nation is quoted as follows:

“In Nevada, Sharron Angle (, insertion mine) is not the only conservative candidate running in this race. Danny Tarkanian is every bit a conservative and constitutional patriot. We can no longer stand aside and let misinformation about the Nevada race go uncontested. It's up to the voters in Nevada to decide whom they deem their best representative.”


Danny Tarkanian was endorsed by the Brady Campaign in 2006, who said Tarkanian “supports common sense gun laws like a ban on military style assault weapons“. (Of course we all know that “military style assault weapons” can mean hunting rifles to the Brady Campaign, but I digress…). See the Brady Campaign’s endorsement at:

No, Tea Party Nation, he is NOT “every bit a conservative and constitutional patriot” if he was really endorsed by the Brady Campaign. (He has told people that this endorsement was fabricated by political opponents). BUT, he did give $950 to Democrat Shelley Berkley in 1998. Further, he has no legislative experience. If he wants to PROVE he is conservative, he needs to run for a state-level office first. 

Sharron Angle has a proven conservative record, has served 4 terms as a Nevada Assemblywoman, and even sued the governor with personal funds to defend Nevada's constitutional 2/3 majority requirement to raise taxes. 

Lowden in desperation mode: questions Sharron Angle’s ‘Winnemucca Years’

This was reported in the Las Vegas Review Journal today:

“…In what might be the most unusual campaign charge so far in the hotly contested race, Sue Lowden -- the former GOP front-runner who is fighting to regain the lead -- raised questions last week about whether Angle (, insertion mine) ever taught at the [Winnemucca] Christian school, and even whether it existed.”

“…Lowden sent a fundraising missive to supporters titled, ‘The Missing Winnemucca Years.’”

“In it, she quotes an anonymous supporter and ‘volunteer investigator’ who tries to debunk Angle's claim on her website that she ‘co-founded, administrated, and taught grades K-12 in a one-room Christian school of 24 students for two years.’”

WOW, are you desperate, Sue Lowden! THIS is the best you can come up with?

“Two dozen years ago, Glenda Haley taught children at a one-room Christian school in a converted classroom at the Word of Light church in Winnemucca.

“‘We had 'em from, I think, 5 or 6 years old. I remember I taught the pastor's son to read,’ Haley said. ‘We had all the grades and the subjects: English, history, science.’”

Her husband “Ted…said he helped convert a room in the church into a classroom for the students.”

“‘My wife was the principal of the school and one of the co-teachers,’ Ted Angle said, adding he used to watch the children during lunch recess. ‘It was an unpaid job and I served in an unpaid capacity on the board of trustees. We actually graduated one of the kids, but it closed after two years.’

“According to the Angle campaign, the church didn't need any license to run the school, partly because the law is more lax when it comes to religious schools. But the home school-style program that allowed students to study at their own pace and be tested on the textbook material was accredited, according to Haley, who said she had taught at such a program in Idaho before Nevada.

“‘Sharron did not imagine that she taught there,’ said Larry Hart, a spokesman for her campaign who has worked for years in Washington. ‘I've seen a lot of charges, but I've never seen one like this. It's not like she's making something up about serving in Vietnam. This is not a claim of great fame or fortune, teaching in a church school. I don't think you need to make something like that up (emphasis mine).’”


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sharron Angle leads GOP field by 8% in new poll; beats Harry Reid in November…

while Sue Lowden loses the matchup. 

A new Mason Dixon poll shows Sharron Angle ( leading the GOP primary by 8 points (with 32% of the primary vote). Tarkanian and Lowden trail with 24 and 23%, respectively.

The poll also shows Sharron Angle beating Harry Reid in the general election with 44% (Angle) vs. 41% (Reid), while Sue Lowden loses the match up 41 (Lowden) to 42% (Reid) (see: and

Well, silly liberals and RINOs, I thought principled conservatives like Sharron Angle are too “right wing” to win general elections. And how do you like her now, Fox and Friends, and Susan B. Anthony list?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

FreedomWorks PAC Endorses Sharron Angle

"FreedomWorks PAC and Chairman Dick Armey have today announced their endorsement for Sharron Angle (, insertion mine) which will include a Get Out the Vote effort via their 4,400+ Nevada members. Here’s the press release:

'Washington, DC – Today, FreedomWorks PAC announced its latest “Champion of Freedom” endorsement as part of the Take America Back in 2010 campaign.

'Sharron Angle, a Republican candidate running for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid, has won the endorsement because of her firm commitment to a strict, limited government, fiscally conservative agenda. Her record as a Nevada State Assemblywoman demonstrates she will not drift from these fundamental free market principles.

'Angle routinely helped lead fights in the Nevada Assembly against big government power grabs during her tenure from 1999 to 2005. Most notably, in 2003 she was instrumental in putting the breaks on an $800 million statewide tax hike. Angle fought this big government boondoggle all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, ultimately ensuring its demise.

'FreedomWorks PAC will support Angle in her election bid through an intense Get Out The Vote (GOTV) program that its 4,455 members in Nevada will lead. The primary elements of this campaign will include door-to-door literature drops, phone banks, and yard sign distribution.'"


Sharron Angle's conservative endorsements just keep rolling in!  Like she says, "a tsunami of conservatism is sweeping this nation."

Right on, FreedomWorks! Right on, Sharron Angle!  Right on!

BREAKING NEWS: Washington Times Reports Sharron Angle now leading in polls

“Buoyed by endorsement from top conservatives, Sharron Angle (, insertion mine) has jumped into the lead among Republicans vying in Tuesday's primary for the right to face off against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid this fall, according to a poll released Thursday.

“Endorsed by the Tea Party Express and the Club for Growth among others, Mrs. Angle, a former state assemblywoman with a conservative voting record, now leads former Nevada Republican Party Chairman Sue Lowden, according to David Paleologos, who conducted the poll for the Suffolk University Political Research Center.

“…It was understandable that the political world from Las Vegas to New York City was abuzz on Wednesday with rumors that Mrs. Angle had leaped ahead of Mrs. Lowden -- long before the Suffolk poll's release.

“…Mrs. Angle successfully blocked the governor's proposed $800 million tax increase beginning in 2003 and eventually took the issue all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court -- and won.

“The new poll shows Mrs. Angle at 33 percent, followed by Las Vegas businessman Danny Tarkanian at 26 percent and former Mrs. Lowden, a former Nevada state senator, with 25 percent. Several other GOP primary candidates came in at 4 percent or less.

REAL Conservatism is in the ascendency, and the people of Nevada know it!

And - Ms. Lowden - your lying attack ads against Sharron Angle are FAILING! The people of Nevada know you are lying!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wall Street Journal: Sharron Angle could ignite strong Republican turnout

"…Reid could be getting the match-up he wants [in Sharron Angle]," said David Damore, a UNLV political-science professor. "This is his dream."

“But several people close to the Reid camp say they have begun to question that assumption because Ms. Angle's (, insertion mine) grass-roots approach could ignite a strong Republican turnout, especially in a state with a tradition of support for limited government, they say. Also, they say they have been surprised to see Ms. Lowden make the missteps that Democrats were able to capitalize on with chicken costumes.

"Up until few weeks ago, I would have told you 100% without a doubt we prefer Sharron Angle," said a person close to the Reid campaign. Now, although Ms. Lowden still appears the stronger challenger, that calculation has become somewhat more uncertain, he said.

“…So far, Ms. Angle has been running a bare-bones operation. Her campaign has just three paid staffers who partly work out of her Reno house, her campaign spokesman said. Ms. Lowden's paid campaign staff includes around a dozen people, including six field operators and three people involved in finance, her campaign spokesman said.

How’s that for REAL fiscal conservatism? Sharron Angle walks the talk.

“…In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, she said she was proud of her lone "No" votes in the state assembly, such as on a 2005 bill to cap property-tax increases at 3% a year for residential owners and 8% a year for commercial owners. Ms. Angle said she thought the structure was unconstitutional (emphasis mine). "No one would challenge it because of the benefits that they perceived they were getting," Ms. Angle said. "For me the end doesn't justify the means."

“She also maintains her privatization stance.

“Mr. Weber, the GOP strategist, said her positions might not be as extreme as her critics might think in the current political climate. ”I think there is a real antispending mood right now in the country that makes ideas that might have seemed out of the mainstream a few years ago more acceptable," he said.

“…"I think she is a divisive person," said Mr. Raggio, who backs Ms. Lowden. "She would vote 'No' to everything. If everybody did that, nothing would get done in a legislative body."

And Mr. Raggio, that might not be such a bad thing.

“Ms. Angle said she doesn't mind being branded as someone who is unwilling to work toward compromises with people of different views. "I don't think that we're elected to be popular," she said. "That kind of thing went out with high school. We are elected to do the right thing, to keep our oath of office, and to uphold and defend the Constitution (emphasis mine)."

“…Meanwhile, the Lowden campaign continues to stumble. In an interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal, Reno Mayor Bob Cashell, a Republican, called her "Suicidal Sue" after the chicken statement and her response to criticisms of it, as well as other campaign bungles.


Even “The Atlantic” thinks Lowden has run an “atrocious” campaign:

“Remember, it's one of the two "mainstream" Republican candidates in the race, Sue Lowden, who had problems explaining how the state's residents could barter for their health care. Lowden may pull off a win next week, but she's run a fairly atrocious campaign (emphasis mine), one that a competent Democrat could exploit with ease.”



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