Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sharron Angle leads GOP field by 8% in new poll; beats Harry Reid in November…

while Sue Lowden loses the matchup. 

A new Mason Dixon poll shows Sharron Angle ( leading the GOP primary by 8 points (with 32% of the primary vote). Tarkanian and Lowden trail with 24 and 23%, respectively.

The poll also shows Sharron Angle beating Harry Reid in the general election with 44% (Angle) vs. 41% (Reid), while Sue Lowden loses the match up 41 (Lowden) to 42% (Reid) (see: and

Well, silly liberals and RINOs, I thought principled conservatives like Sharron Angle are too “right wing” to win general elections. And how do you like her now, Fox and Friends, and Susan B. Anthony list?

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