Monday, June 7, 2010

Lowden in desperation mode: questions Sharron Angle’s ‘Winnemucca Years’

This was reported in the Las Vegas Review Journal today:

“…In what might be the most unusual campaign charge so far in the hotly contested race, Sue Lowden -- the former GOP front-runner who is fighting to regain the lead -- raised questions last week about whether Angle (, insertion mine) ever taught at the [Winnemucca] Christian school, and even whether it existed.”

“…Lowden sent a fundraising missive to supporters titled, ‘The Missing Winnemucca Years.’”

“In it, she quotes an anonymous supporter and ‘volunteer investigator’ who tries to debunk Angle's claim on her website that she ‘co-founded, administrated, and taught grades K-12 in a one-room Christian school of 24 students for two years.’”

WOW, are you desperate, Sue Lowden! THIS is the best you can come up with?

“Two dozen years ago, Glenda Haley taught children at a one-room Christian school in a converted classroom at the Word of Light church in Winnemucca.

“‘We had 'em from, I think, 5 or 6 years old. I remember I taught the pastor's son to read,’ Haley said. ‘We had all the grades and the subjects: English, history, science.’”

Her husband “Ted…said he helped convert a room in the church into a classroom for the students.”

“‘My wife was the principal of the school and one of the co-teachers,’ Ted Angle said, adding he used to watch the children during lunch recess. ‘It was an unpaid job and I served in an unpaid capacity on the board of trustees. We actually graduated one of the kids, but it closed after two years.’

“According to the Angle campaign, the church didn't need any license to run the school, partly because the law is more lax when it comes to religious schools. But the home school-style program that allowed students to study at their own pace and be tested on the textbook material was accredited, according to Haley, who said she had taught at such a program in Idaho before Nevada.

“‘Sharron did not imagine that she taught there,’ said Larry Hart, a spokesman for her campaign who has worked for years in Washington. ‘I've seen a lot of charges, but I've never seen one like this. It's not like she's making something up about serving in Vietnam. This is not a claim of great fame or fortune, teaching in a church school. I don't think you need to make something like that up (emphasis mine).’”


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