Monday, June 7, 2010

No, Tea Party Nation, Danny Tarkanian is NOT Conservative

In an article in The Atlantic, The Tea Party Nation is quoted as follows:

“In Nevada, Sharron Angle (, insertion mine) is not the only conservative candidate running in this race. Danny Tarkanian is every bit a conservative and constitutional patriot. We can no longer stand aside and let misinformation about the Nevada race go uncontested. It's up to the voters in Nevada to decide whom they deem their best representative.”


Danny Tarkanian was endorsed by the Brady Campaign in 2006, who said Tarkanian “supports common sense gun laws like a ban on military style assault weapons“. (Of course we all know that “military style assault weapons” can mean hunting rifles to the Brady Campaign, but I digress…). See the Brady Campaign’s endorsement at:

No, Tea Party Nation, he is NOT “every bit a conservative and constitutional patriot” if he was really endorsed by the Brady Campaign. (He has told people that this endorsement was fabricated by political opponents). BUT, he did give $950 to Democrat Shelley Berkley in 1998. Further, he has no legislative experience. If he wants to PROVE he is conservative, he needs to run for a state-level office first. 

Sharron Angle has a proven conservative record, has served 4 terms as a Nevada Assemblywoman, and even sued the governor with personal funds to defend Nevada's constitutional 2/3 majority requirement to raise taxes. 

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