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Sharron Angle RE: Scientology

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The liberals at Huffing and Puffington Post are floating this story on Sharron Angle and Scientology (, and implying that Sharron is a Scientologist herself or has some weird connection to it.

 The fact is that Sharron is a Christian, not only which I know from personal experience (and I’ve known her for 15 years), but which was also reported in depth in the following article:

This “controversy” surrounds the Second Chance program, a program for helping incarcerated substance abusers. The facts on it can be found at:
The Second Chance Program was a success in New Mexico in 2007.  "For the first time, we're actually diverting serious substance abusers from jails and prisons into a facility that gives them what they need to turn their lives around," [said] [Joy] Westrum (President of the Second Chance Program). "Since the cost is equal to or less than what the state would spend to house the inmates, everyone wins. With the low recidivism rate, taxpayers don't have to foot the bill for future incarcerations, and the prisoners have been trained and empowered to lead successful and rewarding lives."

Notice that the article mentions now deceased L. Ron Hubbard as follows, “The protocol utilized in the Second Chance Program is based on discoveries by L. Ron Hubbard in the fields of drug and criminal rehabilitation.” Scientology is not part of the program nor is it mentioned, but it is a cutting edge program that works.

It is a fact that Angle did not promote the Second Chance program in 2003 - only the option to explore its potential. The trip she took was a privately funded, and took place on a non-legislative working day. Legislators were invited to come on a voluntary basis, as reported in the Reno Gazette Journal in February 2003.

She did not propose legislation. No, Huffing and Puffington Post, she did not "propose a bill which was defeated". The facts on the supposed legislation are at Click on the link and look at the 2003 legislative session. You will find that there was never a bill requested by Angle for any prison drug rehab program, there was never any appropriation requested by Angle.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if political discourse could be based in reality, truth, policy, and ideas, instead of fabricated allegations?  Wouldn't it be wonderful if liberal journalist at media outlets like "The Huffington Post" checked their facts before they published them?

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