Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sharron Angle Wins GOP Primary…by 14 POINTS!

Sharron Angle ( won yesterday’s GOP primary in a landslide, with 40% of the vote!

The next competitor, Sue Lowden, won only 26% of the vote; Danny Tarkanian won 23%.

Now, according to Politico, “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is prepared to run a sharply negative campaign if that’s what it takes to win reelection next year, with a top adviser predicting that the Nevada Democrat will ‘vaporize’ his Republican challengers with attack ads.”

As Sharron said, “Harry Reid has zero chance to win this race if he has to talk about the issues or about his radical liberal record. His only chance is to destroy me with negative, dishonest, personal attacks. Reid and the liberal attack machine, aided by their friends in the “main stream media” are going to do everything they can to tear me apart. Make no mistake, they are coming at me with guns blazing. And I’m not talking about a month from now, or a week from now—I’m talking about tomorrow. We know their playbook: they are going to try to tear me down the same way that they did Rand Paul just a few weeks ago.”

Well, I have a message for Harry Reid: That strategy didn’t work so well for Sue Lowden. The people of Nevada are smarter than that.

And we agree with Rand Paul: “[We] have a message from the tea party. A message that is loud and clear and does not mince words. We've come to take our government back.”

Still think she should drop out, Fox and Friends? How do you like her now, Susan B. Anthony list?

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