Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jim DeMint Endorses Sharron Angle

From an e-mail from Senate Conservatives:

“Dear Fellow Conservatives:

Last night, Assemblywoman Sharron Angle (, insertion mine) won another upset victory for conservatives in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Nevada.The battle lines have now been drawn in the most important race in the nation. This November, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid -- the most powerful liberal in Congress - will face Nevada Assemblywoman Sharron Angle -- one of the strongest conservative voices in the country.Harry Reid is a liberal Democrat who has led the effort to pass President Obama's radical agenda and used special backroom deals like the Cornhusker Kickback to buy votes for government takeovers and runaway spending.Sharron Angle is a conservative warrior who has fought endless battles against taxes, spending, and liberals in both parties in the Nevada Assembly.

Sharron Angle is a former teacher, not a career politician. She first made a name for herself by fighting her own party on an attempted $800 million tax hike -- a battle that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. As the proud grandmother of ten, Sharron Angle wants to do everything in her power to ensure America's next generation is not forced to pay the bill for the gross misconduct of today's elected leaders.Nobody thought she could defeat her Washington-backed opponent in the Republican primary but she did because of her uncompromising support for conservative principles.If Sharron Angle defeats Harry Reid in November, it will trigger a political earthquake that will shake Washington to its core. Nothing would do more to stop President Obama and his radical agenda than defeating Harry Reid.But winning this conservative victory will be the most difficult of them all. Harry Reid has a $9 million war chest and will use very penny of it - along with millions from liberal interest groups - to smear Sharron Angle. Make no mistake: Harry Reid will do whatever it takes to hold on to power.Sharron Angle is ready to fight and win. The question is: Are you?

This is a contest between two very different candidates.Harry Reid voted for the Wall Street bailout. Sharron Angle opposed it.

Harry Reid voted for government-run health care. Sharron Angle says no.Harry Reid voted for trillions in deficit spending and supported pork barrel projects like the Bridge to Nowhere.

Sharron Angle supports a balanced budget amendment and will fight to end the earmark favor factory.The choice is clear, but only if we make it clear for every voter in Nevada. And we don't have much time.Harry Reid and his allies will begin attacking Sharron Angle immediately and we must respond or our chance at conservative victory could be lost.

The Senate Conservatives Fund is endorsing Sharron Angle today because she's a true conservative, not a rubber-stamp Republican. As you know, being a Republican is not enough these days. In order to receive the support of the Senate Conservatives Fund, candidates must demonstrate a core commitment to our nation's founding principles and a willingness to stand up to their own party when it's wrong.So far this year, the Senate Conservatives Fund has been on front lines in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Kentucky - successfully helping Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul win their primary elections.

Now we're turning our sights to Nevada. This is the race we've all be waiting for - a chance to send a message loud and clear that Americans have had enough. This race, more than any other, will determine the future of our country.

Sharron Angle's victory in the Republican primary in Nevada has not only given us a chance to send a true warrior for freedom to the Senate, it has given us the opportunity to defeat the most powerful liberal in Congress. Imagine replacing Harry Reid with a no-nonsense, outspoken conservative who will not rest until government is cut back to size and our economy is once again free to grow and prosper.It can be done if we act now.Please make your most generous donation to Sharron Angle's campaign today so we can defeat Harry Reid and make 2010 the year of the Conservative Comeback. Thank you for supporting the principles of freedom that are the backbone of America. Together, we will take back our country.


Jim DeMint

United States SenatorChairman, Senate Conservatives Fund

P.S. The Nevada Senate race is the most important election in the country this year. It's a contest between Harry Reid - the most powerful liberal in Congress - and Sharron Angle - one of the strongest conservative voices in America. Please make a contribution to Sharron Angle's campaign today so we win this race and take back our country.”

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