Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why Sue Lowden and Danny Tarkanian are NOT conservatives (but Sharron Angle is)

Sue Lowden:

- said she supported Reid in the past, when he was a “blue dog Democrat”; indeed she donated $8000 to his campaign in several election cycles, but now says he has moved too far to the left 

-said she “isn't feeling pressure to hew to the political right”

-voted for abortion in the 1990’s, but now says she is pro-life

-isn’t sure she would have voted against bail-out spending

-appears to be involved in possible insider trading with Archon Corporation (see:

As Jon Ralston said in a 12/16/09 Las Vegas Sun article: “I can see the flip-flop ad in my mind’s eye, especially with the, ahem, abortion that was the 2008 state convention when she was chairman and her previous campaign contributions to Reid: “She was for abortion before she was against it…She was for Harry Reid before she was against him.


Danny Tarkanian:

-was endorsed by the Brady campaign in 2006- and supported the passage of a Federal Assault weapons ban, but now claims to support gun rights 

-donated $950 to Democrat Shelley Berkley in 1998


Why Sharron Angle is a better choice:

Lowden has only one term as a state senator and Tarkanian has no experience. Sharron has 8 years experience as a Nevada Assemblywoman and is solid on all conservative issues. Her voting record declares it boldly. At one point, she was the ONLY holdout against a tax increase. It’s one thing to support an unknown candidate who talks the conservative talk but is untested when there are no other alternatives. It is quite another when there IS an excellent candidate available who has proven herself as a liberty-loving, tax-loathing statesman - not a politically expedient politician - in the fires of legislative combat. As Sharron likes to say, “Don’t read my lips; read my record.”

Sharron’s History:

Sharron is a 4-term Assemblywoman. Her amazing campaign ability first came to light after the 2000 census when she was an Assemblywoman representing west Reno. Democrats played dirty politics and re-drew the district lines, forcing her to run against the popular incumbent Assemblyman Greg Brower. She personally visited every home in her new district at least three times, and as a result defeated him.

In 2006 she left the assembly to run for Congress against Secretary of State Dean Heller and first lady Dawn Gibbons, both of whom had statewide name identification. In a race that covered all 17 Nevada counties, Heller edged Angle by less than 1 percent of the votes cast, while Gibbons ran a distant third.

In 2008 she took on incumbent State Sen. Bill Raggio, who had been a Nevada Senator since 1972 and was the most powerful Republican in Nevada. Sharron raised about $50,000 for the race while Raggio raised and spent $513,000.

When the results came in Raggio edged Sharron by a bare 500 votes.


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