Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Change the Congress in 2010 Federal PAC, Pat Boone Endorse Sharron Angle

Change the Congress in 2010 Federal PAC informed the Sharron Angle campaign ( today that they are withdrawing their support for Sue Lowden and instead endorsing Sharron Angle. (Susan B. Anthony List would be wise to do the same).

Adding to her growing list of endorsements, Pat Boone also gave his support today:

…Boone, a famous singer and actor, is also well known as a political writer and commentator willing to tackle the tough conservative issues that matter to America.

“I know a real conservative when I meet one,” said Boone when asked to talk about his endorsement for the former 4-term Republican lawmaker. “I was there helping Ronald Reagan when he ran for Governor in California, and I followed him all the way to the White House. Today, I’m getting behind another Reagan-conservative, this time from Nevada. Her name is Sharron Angle, and she is the proven consistent conservative in this race who can retire Harry Reid and send him back to Searchlight to pound sand.”

Boone said that Nevadans enjoy a prime opportunity during the June 8th Nevada primary to elect a bona fide conservative capable of defeating Reid, someone with the moral fiber and determination to clean up the messes in Washington, D.C.

“Nevada cannot afford to elect a Republican who is watered-down or unproven,” Boone emphasized. “Nevada has the opportunity to elect a real Republican who is battle-tested, someone we know who is capable and willing to stand up for what’s right for our country. Sharron Angle is that person; she has a rock-solid record that conservatives can trust. That is why I am proud to support Sharron Angle for United States Senate, and I ask you to stand with me and support Sharron Angle as well.”

Angle Spokesperson Jerry Stacy said the campaign was delighted to have Pat Boone join with others from a broad-base of more than twenty state and nation-wide conservative organizations and individualswho have chosen Angle over all other Republicans in the race, including Minutemen PAC, Gun Owners of America, Joe the Plumber, Nevada Concerned Citizens, Tea Party Express, Phyllis Schlafly, Nevada Republican Assembly, Citizens United, Veterans in Politics, radio host Mark Levin, and several more.


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