Monday, May 17, 2010

Sharron Angle endorsed by Las Vegas Tribune, a true fiscal conservative, rising in polls

Sharron ( was endorsed by the Las Vegas Tribune over the weekend. Here are some excerpts:

“It is now official: we are endorsing Sharron Angle for the position of US Senate that is occupied today by Senator Harry Reid.

Sharron Angle is, in our opinion, the best choice for that position and we think that her impeccable record will be an asset to represent Nevada in the nation's capital as our next United States Senator for Nevada.

…Sharron Angle is the only candidate that had requested to sit with the newspaper that reaches the masses, the working people, the people that are in need of being heard by those who are going to represent the people of Nevada in the nation's capital.

…Our choice is made on merit and is done on the record created by Sharron Angle as a conservative assemblywoman for four terms. After meeting with Ms. Angle on three different occasions and listening to her speak, we believe she is the best choice.

We agree with Ms. Angle when she says, “Don't read my lips, read my record!” Her record is clean and she is honest.

She does not use double-talk; she does not hesitate when she is going to answer any question, and she does not change her opinion or her mind to please the crowd she is facing (emphasis mine).

We are proud to endorse Sharron Angle for the US Senate seat that has been occupied by Harry Reid for the last three decades.”


She’s rising in the polls, too:

“Longtime GOP frontrunner Sue Lowden and longtime runner-up Danny Tarkanian are suddenly foundering.A new poll shows Sue Lowden clinging to a 30% lead over Tea Party Republican Sharron Angle, who has surged to 25% while Danny Tarkanian has collapsed to 22%.”

…Even more importantly perhaps, Sharron Angle has not spent her money, relying heavily on a boots-on-the-ground campaign. Lowden and Tarkanian have spent $1,903,316 and $836,717 respectively while Angle has spent only $395,804.

As a result of her stinginess and reliance on her boots on the ground, Angle has a cash on hand advantage of $430,545 to less than $300,000 for her rivals.

So, she is poised to hit the airwaves to coincide with her surge.

A huge upset might be brewing in Nevada.”

Not might be brewing. IS BREWING.


How’s that for fiscal conservatism? She quite literally walks the talk. “Boots-on-the-ground” means Sharron walks much of the state HERSELF, and most of her staff are volunteers. How do I know this? Because I helped her walk her district during one of her campaigns for Assemblywoman when I lived in Nevada. There is no substitute for passion.


ConservativeForTruth said...

This is ridiculous. Sharron's no conservative! She organized a tax-payer funded trip to Mexico for legislators to study a crazy, scientology-based prison program. The RJ even reported on it!

Watch the video:

Hope we put up a better candidate than Angle against Reid. She’d get demolished.

Anonymous said...

Neither is Tarkanian, in fact he stinks as a 'small businessman'

Little Tark is being foreclosed on for $14 million dollars, pretty sad..

Jeanette said...


Desperate people say desperate things. Lowden and Tarkanian have dropped in the polls and they have both turned to the desperate attack.

This same allegation about scientology was tried in 2006 by Dean Heller when Angle surged ahead of him in the polls and it failed because it is a lie.

The fact is that Sharron is a Christian, not only which I know from personal experience (and I’ve known her for 15 years), but which was also reported in depth in the following article:

It is a fact that Angle did not promote the Second Chance program in 2003 - only the option to explore its potential. The trip she took was a privately funded, and took place on a non-legislative working day. Legislators were invited to come on a voluntary basis, as reported in the Reno Gazette Journal in February 2003.

She did not propose legislation. The facts on the supposed legislation are at Click on the link and look at the 2003 legislative session. You will find that there was never a bill requested by Angle for any prison drug rehab program, there was never any appropriation requested by Angle.

The facts on the Second Chance Program itself can be found at: The Second Chance Program is successful in New Mexico: "For the first time, we're actually diverting serious substance abusers from jails and prisons into a facility that gives them what they need to turn their lives around," says Westrum. "Since the cost is equal to or less than what the state would spend to house the inmates, everyone wins. With the low recidivism rate, taxpayers don't have to foot the bill for future incarcerations, and the prisoners have been trained and empowered to lead successful and rewarding lives." Notice that the article mentions now deceased L. Ron Hubbard as follows, “The protocol utilized in the Second Chance Program is based on discoveries by L. Ron Hubbard in the fields of drug and criminal rehabilitation.” Scientology is not part of the program nor is it mentioned.

You may not use my blog to spread lies. Unless your comments are based in reality, don’t post them here.


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