Monday, May 31, 2010

Sue Lowden's campaign in "Full Damage Control Mode"

From KOH news in Nevada:

“Sharron Angle's campaign (, insertion mine) continues to pick up momentum as the campaign heads into the home stretch. She's launched a new campaign ad. Campaign cash is flowing toward Angle's campaign from various national groups, including the Club for Growth, and Tea Party Express.”

For your information Sue Lowden, “The Club for Growth” and “Tea Party Express” are NOT “Washington Special Interests”, as you suggested in one of your recent ads. These are grass routes PACs and have nothing to do with Washington. In fact, Washington wishes they would go away.

Continuing from KOH news:

“Sue Lowden's campaign manager is in ‘Full damage control mode (emphasis mine)’ as she struggles to be taken seriously, after numerous campaign gaffes. Robert Uithoven is firing back at Irma Aguirre, who says Lowden’s term as state GOP Chair ‘Tanked the Republican Party.’ Robert Uithoven even took a cheap shot at the former state party finance chair's private life. He also lashed out at Reno Mayor Bob Cashell, a Lowden supporter, who has labeled Lowden ‘Suicidal Sue’ for her numerous campaign flubs. In a combative interview on Nevada Newsmakers he also attacked Sharron Angle's record, trying to portray her as ‘Not a real conservative’ and calling her ‘the state's worst lawmaker during her term in the assembly.’”

Who’s “not a real conservative”? Here’s some illuminating information from Accountable America:

“Nevada politician Sue Lowden's casino corporation received a $29 million line of credit from her failed bank - a bank that was bailed out by U.S. and Nevada taxpayers…

“Sue and her husband Paul Lowden are top executives at Archon Corporation, a casino holding company. Paul Lowden is the President and CEO. Sue Lowden is the Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director of Archon…Sue Lowden was a founding member of the Commercial Bank of Nevada, which was acquired by Colonial Bank in 1998. She sat on the Board of Directors of Colonial Bank of Nevada until June 2009. While Colonial Bank was set to receive a $550 million bailout thanks to TARP, the bank failed before it received the funds. Soon after it failed, it was taken over by BB&T which received over $3.1 billion in taxpayer bailouts thanks to TARP. One day after BB&T took control over Colonial Bank, on August 18, 2009, it extended to the Lowden's casino company, Archon, a $29 million line of credit.”


Well, that explains why she won’t denounce bailouts…She is just more of the same. She and her husband have made 29 donations to various democrats including Harry Reid, and the DNC (see:, and search Lowden in Nevada). She is Harry Reid-lite or worse and Nevadans know it.

She hasn’t won a single GOP straw poll, while Sharron Angle has won every one.

The fact is, Sharron Angle ( can and will beat Harry Reid, but first she will beat Harry Reid-lite in Sue Lowden.

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