Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gun Owners of America Endorses Sharron Angle; NRA will endorse Harry Reid?!?!?

On April 14, the conservative PAC “Gun Owners of America” endorsed Sharron Angle ( See for the press release.

Quoting from the release: 

“Sharron Angle is just the kind of “change” Washington needs right now. Over her eight years in the Nevada legislature, Sharron stood 100% in favor of the Second Amendment (emphasis mine) and was a steadfast leader in protecting the constitutional liberties of all Nevadans.”

Conversely, the NRA will probably endorse Harry Reid?!!?!?…because, as they state, “the NRA is a single issue organization and that when our ratings and endorsements are announced, they are based solely on a candidate’s support for, or opposition to, our Second Amendment rights” (see:  

Is Harry Reid really Second Amendment-friendly?

Again quoting from the GOA press release: 

“Harry Reid, on the other hand, is trampling all over the Constitution. In addition to pushing the massive, anti-gun Obamacare bill through the Senate, Reid has helped to secure the confirmations of President Obama’s left-wing radical nominees to the highest positions of power (emphasis mine).

For instance, Sen. Reid voted to confirm Eric Holder to the position of Attorney General. Holder was the point man for gun control initiatives such as the Brady bill and the semi-auto ban under President Clinton.

Almost immediately after his confirmation, Holder called for the reinstatement of the Clinton gun ban. Holder also coauthored an amicus brief to the Supreme Court arguing in favor of the complete gun ban in the District of Columbia.

Sen. Reid secured the confirmation of Cass Sunstein as the new “regulatory czar,” despite the fact that Sunstein stated that he believes hunting should be banned.

The top legal advisor at the State Department, Harold Koh, also received Reid’s support. Koh advocates bringing the U.S. into conformity with a draconian global gun control agenda.

And the newest Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, could not have advanced if Sen. Reid had objected. Indeed, Sen. Reid voted for this anti-gun radical, who had ruled as an Appeals Court judge that a complete gun ban by a state would be constitutional.

As Majority Leader, Reid could have objected to any and all of these nominees and insisted that the president put forth men and women who respected the Second Amendment.

…In a head-to-head match up with Reid, Sharron Angle leads 51% to 40% (emphasis mine), according to a recent Rasmussen poll. This race is winnable, but Sharron needs our help…So please, go to today to contribute and to learn more about this campaign.”

Also, a reminder that Sharron Angle will be on the Mark Levin show this Friday, the 16th, the day after the Tax Day Tea Parties. Sharron is a regular attender and speaker at Tea Parties. Here she is at the Searchlight, NV Tea Party:

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