Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Party Express Endorses Sharron Angle to replace Harry Reid!

Game Changer? YOU BET! Go to and help change the game.

You can hear Sharron Angle tomorrow night (Friday, April 16th) on the Mark Levin show.

See: for the story. Full text is below:

“The Tea Party Express has endorsed former State Assemblywoman Sharron Angle in the campaign for U.S. Senate against incumbent Senator Harry Reid.

Angle, a four-term Assemblywoman, is the author of Nevada's Property Tax Reform Initiative, and lost a race for Congress in 2006 by less than a half percent. She has attended 16 tea parties, and raised $1 million in her race for Senate.

A Tea Party spokesperson says she's the strongest candidate to defeat Harry Reid.

He said she offers the clearest contrast to Reid's tax-spend-bailout policies.”

I wonder what the fake “Tea Party candidate” has to say about that?? I guess not much, since he will be in jail soon for felony theft and bad check writing.

Below is a video of Sharron Angle at a recent Tea Party in Harry Reid’s home town: Searchlight, NV. Sharron was an attendee of and speaker at Tea Parties from the very beginning.

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