Friday, April 16, 2010

Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host Mark Levin Endorses Sharron Angle

(Go to and make your endorsement by contributing).

Quoting from the Angle Examiner (Sharron‘s Angle‘s campaign newspaper):

“Just a day after her Tea Party Express endorsement, Sharron Angle has been endorsed by the nationally syndicated Mark Levin Radio Show Host!.

Mark Levin is one of America's preeminent conservative commentators and constitutional lawyers, and has become one of the hottest properties in Talk radio. He is also a top author in the conservative political arena.

Both Mark and Sharron are fierce defenders of the Constitution and both have won Ronald Reagan awards. Mark won the Ronald Reagan award in 2001 from the American Conservative Union and Sharron Angle was awarded the Ronald Reagan Freedom Medallion in 2003 from the Claremont Institute for defending our State Constitution's 2/3 vote requirement to raise taxes.


Details of the endorsement will follow shortly.”

Well, “Fox and Friends“, do you still want to ask her if she will drop out? She’s been endorsed by the Gun Owners of America, The Tea Party Express, and Mark Levin in the last three days alone. Her other endorsements include: Phyllis Schlafly, Citizens United (the same people who brought suit in the McCain Feingold Finance Reform case, and won a victory for free speech), GING PAC, Life and Liberty PAC, Declaration Alliance PAC, Republican Majority Campaign PAC, Nevada Home School Network, and Family PAC Federal.

My dear “Fox and Friends”, the other two candidates, including your beloved Sue Lowden, are NOT conservatives. They are RINOs, through and through. Lowden gave $8000 to Harry Reid over several election cycles, as well as substantial contributions to other democrats. She voted for abortion in 1990. In 1996 she claimed the national Republican Party should drop abortion from its platform. She isn’t sure she wouldn’t have voted for bailouts. As a state senator, she voted on numerous occasions for tax increases. The other candidate, Danny Tarkanian, donated to Nevada democrat Shelley Berkley and has no legislative experience. He was also once apparently endorsed by the Brady campaign.

Maybe you should ask Sue Lowden or Danny Tarkanian if they are going to drop out?


pew4jesus said...

Great post. Your facts are right on. I think both Sue and Danny should get behind Sharron.

Anonymous said...

Good informational post. Sharron Angle is the ONLY conservative in this race. Check her out at

Jeanette said...

Thanks for your compliments, pew4jesus and anonymous.


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